Well started writing this in the week before Christmas and only now managed to get this posted – better late than never however! These are just a few thoughts I have had on having an eco-fabulous and ethic-cool Christmas!

  1. Green is the new black – choose eco and fair trade fashion ahead of fast fashion from the high street. Try to think a little more holistically about the clothes that you buy – how they are produced, what fabrics they are made of, how they need to be washed and whether they can be recycled. Above all quality about quantity!
  2. Save paper and send an e-Christmas card – no tree’s involved but you’re still entering into the spirit of Christmas by passing on seasonal greetings. If you prefer the real thing then go for charity Christmas cards. A favourite amongst the friends I see on a day to day basis is to send no Christmas cards and make a donation to charity.
  3. Real tree or artificial tree? If you decide to go for the real macoy then first choice would be a container-grown tree which can be re-used next year. If you choose a cut tree then buy local, have the tree recycled through your local council and buy from a scheme that replants each tree that is cut. An artificial tree can be reused year after year however the carbon footprint can be big as they are often made overseas and they are often made from petroleum-based non-renewable materials!
  4. Batteries not included! Last year batteries created over 19,000 tonnes of waste. So say goodbye to conventional battery operated toys and gadgets by switching to rechargeable batteries. Best of all go for a traditional toy that uses no batteries at all – and our friends at Izzi Wizzi Kids have a fabulous selection of tradition and ethical toys for kids.
  5. Less is more! This is one of my own favourite sayings. Buy a little less, of better quality that has been produced ethically. Choose fair trade, choose organic, choose local and dispense with cheap disposable gifts.

Any thoughts you have on making Christmas more ethical please pass them on – Happy Christmas x