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Organic baby clothes

Benefits of organic cotton

It’s Organic Fortnight (3rd-17th September if you didn’t already know!). Here at Piccalilly we love organic cotton clothes and the benefits that they bring to everyone! We thought we’d share with you some of the many benefits buying organic cotton brings;

  •  Organic Cotton is kinder to wear on delicate skin

Piccalilly’s organic cotton is grown without the use of nasty chemical pesticides and fertilizers and processed gently with minimum chemical use making it kind to wear on delicate and sensitive skin. Its also a great choice for skin that suffers from eczema as the cotton is both free from nasty chemicals, its less likely to trigger allergies and is much softer to wear.

  •  Organic cotton is kinder on the environment

Piccalilly’s organic cotton is grown using organic methods of production ensuring the local environment where the cotton is grown is free from chemicals. The use of harsh chemicals in cotton production and poor agricultural practice can be reversed by adopting organic practices. And in developing countries where cotton crops are grown alongside food crops it is much safer for the local community and environment.

  • Organic cotton is kinder to the people who grow it

The impact of using harmful chemicals within cotton production is huge. The farmer’s health is compromised and farmers often end up in a cycle of debt as they borrow more and more money to pay for them. The suicide rate amongst cotton farmers as a result has become a big issue. So by growing cotton organically, without the use of nasty (and expensive) chemicals the farmer and their local environment become’s free from toxic chemicals and the chemical companies! And for all their hard work Piccalilly’s organic cotton farmers can enjoy the bigger fruits of success further down the supply chain beause they own a 20% share in the factory!

  • Organic cotton is great value!


It’s often thought that organic is an expensive and luxury choice. On the contrary organic cotton clothes offer fabulous value given the fact that the cotton produced is stronger (with a softer feel) and more durable. Add to this the fact that it washes extremely well the quality is second to none! Yes the initial outlay is slightly more expensive however when buying Piccalilly’s baby and children’s wear we’ve designed the ranges to have maximum fit and because the clothes are produced using the strongest, healthiest and durable cotton the clothing will last and can be handed on – now thats GREAT value!