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Mainstream retailers within the childrenswear industry have recently come under fire from the media due to the use of harsh chemicals within fabrics, for example a fortnight ago a shipment of children’s shoes from China was pulled up in the US port of Seattle – it was found to contain three times the acceptable level of lead. Poland’s official Euro 2012 shirt was also pulled up for containing excessive levels of organotin compounds which aid breathability, preventing sweating. When Greenpeace tested for the top six chemical nasties in clothing in 2011, including phthalates (or plastic softeners), and formaldehyde (used to treat clothing to ward off mould during transit), it found 14 out of 17 retailers had been selling products that were considerably above “safe” levels. (Telegraph, July 2012)

Some of these chemicals are so potent that they can be absorbed into the child’s bloodstream and triggers allergies such as eczema, which is distressing for a child as skin becomes red and itchy. There are various knock on effects with conditions of this nature such as disturbed family life and sleep and playtime disruption for the child. Should children and their families really have to suffer just through negligence of mass market retailers?

Since we began the Piccalilly story in 2006 we have remained committed to producing 100% organic cotton free from harmful chemicals and irritants.

All our clothing is manufactured using environmentally friendly dyes through a responsible and transparent supply chain which is beneficial for parents, children and the planet:

Some of the benefits of Piccalilly’s organic cotton clothing:

  • Free from chemicals that could be absorbed into the bloodstream such as lead, for example.
  • Free from dangerous chemicals that can trigger allergies e.g. formaldehyde
  • Products are hard wearing, and can be passed to the next generation of little ones!
  • Fabric is soft as a baby’s bum and stays that way with each wash!
  • All clothing is dyed with GOTS certified dye – environmentally friendly dye through EcoCert
  • Child labour free manufacture of clothing audited through FLO Cert, SA 80000
  • Our cotton farmers avoid use of pesticides when growing the cotton which is much kinder to the environment, and can be detrimental to workers and wellbeing.
  • By caring for the people along our supply chains, we create clothes you can trust that are produced to the highest standards.

Visit www.piccalilly.co.uk to see our eco- fabulous organic cotton ranges for Autumn/Winter 12.

You can read more about GOTS certification and what it means here: http://www.global-standard.org/certification.html