About Piccalilly

Piccalilly is a Yorkshire Dales run business, founded by Hannah Evans in 2006. Hannah studied film at the Royal College of Art and Piccalilly was launched after the birth of her second child. The aim behind Piccalilly is to build an ethically conscious brand and Piccalilly has been leading the way producing stylish products that are colourful and modern in design. As a forward thinking business we are committed to trading fairly with suppliers throughout the supply chain whilst also working towards environmental best practice.


  • We are dedicated to sourcing products on a fair trade basis and the entire Piccalilly organic baby clothes and organic cotton clothes range is made from FAIRTRADE certified cotton – a guarantee that producers in developing countries are getting a better deal.
  • We are very proud of our supply chains and our organic cotton comes from a supply chain that has been audited by the Fairtrade Foundation. We pay a guaranteed price for our cotton and an additional social premium which is invested by the cotton producers in community development projects such as clean water, schools, roads and medical centre’s.
  • Our Fairtrade cotton is sourced through the CHETNA project which supports up to 1500 very small independent cotton farmers. The cotton is organically grown without the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers and certified organic through SKAL. 
  • Our organic cotton is GM free
  • All Piccalilly’s organic ranges are coloured and printed using low impact environmentally responsible dyes and at no stages of processing have formaldehyde, solvents, silicone based softeners, toxic chemicals or azo-dyes been used.
  • Our organic baby clothes range includes babygrows, nightgowns, trousers, dresses and hooded tops. We have also now extended the organic clothes range to include items for adults too, including a fabulously stylish organic cotton bathrobe and luxuriously thick organic cotton bath towels.
  • Where possible we aim to produce sustainable and eco fashion, however this is not always possible as the supply of organic cotton is not available to many small garment producers. So we continue to produce a fairly traded range of clothes and accessories that is made from conventional cotton and produced in Jaipur, India and a fabulous and funky range of fairly traded fairy dresses from Indonesia!
  • We are now working hard to open up the supply of organic cotton to some of the smaller suppliers we are working with in India – our hope is to try and guide them towards choosing more responsible supply chains of cotton which benefits both the environment and also the cotton farmer.
  • As with all our suppliers we always trade constructively and fairly by paying advances – typically of 50%, placing regular and repeat orders throughout the year and where possible contributing towards local causes.
  • In Bali we have been supporting the YKIP Kembali Fund for many years now and have committed to sponsoring the education of a young girl through this charity. In 2002 the first Bali bomb brought devastation to the small Indonesian island and YKIP was founded as a memorial to the many Balinese who lost their lives, were injured or lost their livelihood. The island has suffered significant economic hardship since the recent bombings. Many people in Bali who worked in the tourism, handicraft and garment industry lost their livelihood and this is why we felt supporting our family run business in Bali, which emplys local and skilled garment makers, is so important. Another result of the economic hardship has been that families have struggled to pay school fees and the drop out rate from school since the bombings has been significant. To find out more about the fund and sponsoring a childs education visit www.ykip.org



We hope this provides you with some really important information about our policies and we are all the time trying to update this and bring you as much info that we can.








4 thoughts on “About Piccalilly”

  1. Hi,
    Love your site and what it standsd for! I too run a little business in the Yorkshire Dales and work from home which I am proud to say is entirely off-grid! The business is powered by wind and water turbines and solar panels. We don’t even have a landline and manage our internet site through a wireless broadband community connection. I woukld love to encorporate a blog of sorts into your site, to help encourage others who may be seeking to do the same – as we encountered numerous ‘hurdles’ along the way but despite all of them, it really IS possible to have a business off-grid! Would love to hear your comments.
    Many thanks
    Annette Robinson

  2. Great stuff Annette, your set up sounds amazing. Here at Piccalilly we come across ‘hurdles’ all the time – thats very much the nature of running a fairtrade and eco business in a rural location. Nevertheless, it is possible and encouragement from others in a similar situation really helps. Do keep in touch!

  3. Oscar Martin said:


    My name is Oscar Martin.
    In the following weeks I will begin a new business of organic clothes.

    I am interested in some of your products.
    I would like you to answer me if it would be ok for you to have a wholesaler in Spain.
    If it is so, please let me know and we’ll keep on talking.

    Best Regards,

    Oscar Martin

  4. Hi, yes the entire Piccalilly range is available wholesale and details can be found in the wholesale section of the Piccalilly website – http://www.piccalilly.co.uk We are always looking for quality retailers, not just in the UK, but worldwide, to retail the Piccalilly brand. So if you are interested in stocking ethical baby & children’s clothing, organic cotton clothes and fairly traded products get in contact. We have brochures available and normally participate in at least two trade fairs throughout the year.

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