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A/W 2012 – Piccalilly Circus Preview






With the spotlight on the British isles in 2012 due to the Jubilee and London 2012 we were given inspiration for our forthcoming Autumn/Winter 12 range – cleverly entitled ‘Piccalilly Circus’. We are rather excited for the launch of this one! The image below give you a little taster of things to come! The collection keeps in with our signature quirky designs and playful prints. Some pieces will be available to purchase from early July. Watch this space!

Jubilee Chatter…

Celebration Time!

We’re all ready here for Jubilee at Piccalilly HQ this week! With loads going on in our resident Settle such as a BBQ and Treasure hunt at The Lion, Ceilidh and Line Dancing in the Market place and The Big Jubilee Lunch at St John’s Hall there’s plenty to keep us busy! See the full list of events here:

There are some other fantastic events including in neighbouring areas such a huge street party on Skipton High Street and the Animal Jubilee at Malham Safari! We really are spoilt for choice! Follow the link for some more Yorkshire events here:

Giving something back – Jubilee Woods

Us being country bumpkins here in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales we think it’s just fantastic that the Woodland Trust have rolled out a scheme to help people across the UK get together and plant 6 million trees! Wow! With the Queen as the patron, the project aim is to plant hundreds of ‘Jubilee’ and Diamond woods in order to transform our landscape, and create a lasting and memorable tribute for many forthcoming years. It is hoped that communities and schools and families can get involved and plant trees in their gardens and community spaces to mark this milestone in history– so get digging! Local to us there will be a Jubilee Wood planting near Rathmell, and a community planting event in Giggleswick. You can see what’s happening in  your area here:

Through the Woodland trust you can also get crafty with the little ones! The site has a fantastic party pack with some fantastic printable bunting (see image) and paper chains to decorate your home or party Jubilee style! There’s also some fantastic recipes and games for the kids too. Follow this link:

Cool Jubilee Cakes

Finally…If you have seen our Facebook and Twitter pages, you will already know that the Piccalillies are serious cake fanatics! We had a fantastic strawberry sponge cake this week in the office in fact, homemade by Hannah herself…the unanimous decision – scrumptious!  We’ve had a little look around at some fancy Jubilee cakes, so why not follow the links for the recipes and have a go yourself! (Named Clockwise)

Get ready for family festivals 2012!


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Festival season is upon us once again – what better way to celebrate the English summer than a long weekend of shared interests, great music, great food with plenty of things to do with your lovely little people! From craft, to play, to educational activities the kids are sure to be kept entertained. Attendance at one of the vast array of family events on offer in the UK is a must for 2012!

See two of our favourites – (local to Piccalilly HQ in North Yorkshire) –

The Magic Loungeabout  -27th/28th/29th July 2012 – Broughton Hall, Yorkshire. (under 12’s are free)

Loads going on down the road, including headliners The Charlatans and many more!  There is also a spa, stalls and games – not to mention an endless list of kid’s only activities:


Phew! All that should keep them more than happy over the course of the weekend!

Also closeby is Lime Tree Music and Arts Festival 2012 – 24-26 August 2012 in Masham, North Yorkshire. (Under 5’s are free)

Utah Saints and Uncle Frank are heading up Lime Tree. You can enjoy a Health and Healing area, Kreative Kids Area and a Science area! Something here to suit varying ages and interests.

Take a look at Piccalilly’s bold and beautiful CHETNA sourced organic cotton “Festival Bunting” T-shirt as featured in The Green Parent’s Family Festival Guide 2012

We have many other great 100% organic cotton products to kit out your baby or toddler for this year’s exciting events, see more at

A ‘Fairy’ Tale – Dressing up costumes designed to inspire the imagination

Dressing up is an age old favourite among children of all ages and allows the child to use their imagination in a creative way through role play. It also encourages imaginative play and is a wonderful way to allow a child to dream and act out all sorts of fun adventures. Piccalilly’s fabulous range of dressing up costumes also inspired the imagination of Piccalilly founder Hannah Evans so much she couldn’t wait to make them one of the first ranges when she launched Piccalilly in 2006 and they have been both a staple and a best seller ever since.

Hannah first came across our fabulous manufacturer in Bali in 2005 and was instantly drawn to the quality and attention to detail that went into producing the dresses. They stood out from the mass produced dresses sold on the high street and the colours were both strong and iridescent – like butterfly wings! Bali at the time was suffering significant ecomonic hardship after the first Bali bombing campaign and this lovely family business, on the edge of Kuta (an area hit by the bombings) supported 10 local ladies in a small factory using locally sourced fabrics from the market. Hannah left the island with a bag of samples and arrived at Manchester Airport to the news that a second bomb had taken place on the island.

Hannah has since worked exclusively with this small family business to produce the Piccalilly dressing up costume ranges and in 2010 revisted with her family to develop this new range and also visit YKIP a foundation Piccalilly has been supporting for over five years now through sponsoring the edication of children through the Back To School Fund. We are soooh excited to finally launch this fabulous new range of dressing up clothes designed to inspire the imagination of little girls and enourage active free play. We’re also delighted to be continuing working with this fabulous little Bali based business.

Top tips for teaching a baby & toddler to swim


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Wrap around hooded robe

Hooded Swimming towel

Spring is in the air and it’s the perfect time to get a little more active after months spent indoors throughout the winter months. Our friends at Izzi Wizzi Kids TV & Playfest asked their audience last week what they were looking forward to doing with their kids now that Spring is on the horizon and helping their children to master a skill such as swimming was high on the agenda.

Learning to swim is a fun activity and a vital lifelong skill for all children to learn. As a parent, you might not be too sure about how to teach your child to swim or when you should start teaching them to swim. So here are some tips and a checklist!

Top tips

 • Use bath time to show baby how fun being in the water can be. Gently splash water over his body or move him gently through the water on his back. This is great preparation for taking your baby to the swimming pool

• Infants can be introduced to a public swimming pool as early as 3 months, and the earlier your introduce them, the better.

• Visit your public swimming pool off-peak, when it is likely to be quiet, as babies can get stressed in noisy and crowded situations.

• Blow bubbles in the water. This helps to show babies what they should do with their mouths and breathing in the water, as they can’t inhale water if they are blowing out.

• Don’t expect too much and don’t give up! While your infant or toddler can learn how to swim in the sense that she can move in water on her own accord, many children are not be able to swim actual strokes until they are much older.

• Once your child is comfortable in the water enrol them in swimming classes. Being around other kids, with an instructor who is not you, may be a step in the right direction!

• Let them have fun!

Before your first trip to the pool, you’ll need to take:

Swimming Check List

• A towel with a hood or toweling dressing gown

• a drink and snack – swimming makes baby, toddler & kids really hungry

• Change for the locker

• Several swim nappies / waterproof nappies

Here at Piccalilly we love the challenge of creating great looking ranges that also have practical and functional application too. We’re always looking at ways to offer value and give parents that little bit more with the items we create. Piccalilly’s fabulous range of hooded towels and poncho bathrobes were created with active children in mind and are perfect swimming towels and great for bath and beach too! Extra large, super soft and made from premium organic cotton all Piccalilly’s towels are kind to the planet and kinder to wear on delicate baby & toddler skin.

Muslin Wrap – the most versatile baby must have on the block!


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Our versatile 100% organic cotton muslin wraps appear to have inspired the imagination of parents this season – they’ve been flying out the door and are destined to become yet another Piccalilly best seller! Our wraps are a generous 120 x 120cm and at RRP £10.00 they are really great value, fabulously versatile and look utterly stylish too. Made from 100% FAIRTRADE certified organic cotton and screen printed with a delicate tiny star print (Wild Rose, Aruba Blue & Silver Cloud) the cotton fabric is super soft and breathable.

But what makes this lovely piece of soft and breathable fabric so special is the multitude of uses that can be applied. Listed below are some great uses for our lovely muslin wraps – but we’re sure you’ll think of a few more!

  • Perfect for swaddling a newborn baby. Swaddling is an age-old technique for making a baby feel secure.
  • Softly drape the lightweight muslin over baby while breast feeding
  • Use as a lightweight cover or cot sheet
  • Great for feeding, covering, burping and wiping!
  • Wrap your Xmas Pudding in one or use to strain apples when making apple juice! (Well we did say it could be used for all kinds of things!)

Go on, get inspired by our fabulous 100% organic muslin wraps – the most usable and versatile baby must have this season and beyond!

Piccalilly’s muslin is made using Fairtrade organic cotton from our CHETNA organic supply chain.

Piccalilly highlights 2010

We’re wrapping up 2010 with a round-up of all the brilliant things that have happened here at ‘Piccalilly Circus’. Here’s a ‘baker’s dozen’ of little smasher’s from the Piccalillies;

  • Nominated, shortlisted and highly commended BEST ECO BABY range in the Prima Baby Fashion Awards 2010
  • Throughout 2010 Vicky bakes far too many scrummy cake’s to mention…… (extra special thanks to Vicky’s Grandma for her fresh farm eggs)
  • Visit to Piccalilly suppliers in Bali & sponsorship of a new Balinese child through the YKIP ‘Back to School’ scheme
  • Garment technologist Hayley joins Piccalilly team in March
  • New Piccalilly branding launched and our logo given a fab new look
  • In May our long awaited shiny new website went live
  • Aurelia joins team to spread the Piccalilly word in France & Spain
  • Aurelia eats ‘mon premier fish & chips’
  • Autumn sees the launch of our biggest organic baby clothes ranges to date
  • Piccalilly sales manager extraordinaire ‘Jill Bill’ reaches 40
  • Sales in 30 countries throughout the world!!!!
  • 82% growth in sales – whoop whoop!
  • We join forces with novelist Leah Fleming for fundraiser which raised £1000 for BBA & Ladli, two special children’s charities Piccalilly continue to support in India – Awww… That’s nice!

Wow – what an incredible year it’s been! Can’t wait to see what 2011 brings………

Organic clothes – the benefits


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Organic baby clothes

Benefits of organic cotton

It’s Organic Fortnight (3rd-17th September if you didn’t already know!). Here at Piccalilly we love organic cotton clothes and the benefits that they bring to everyone! We thought we’d share with you some of the many benefits buying organic cotton brings;

  •  Organic Cotton is kinder to wear on delicate skin

Piccalilly’s organic cotton is grown without the use of nasty chemical pesticides and fertilizers and processed gently with minimum chemical use making it kind to wear on delicate and sensitive skin. Its also a great choice for skin that suffers from eczema as the cotton is both free from nasty chemicals, its less likely to trigger allergies and is much softer to wear.

  •  Organic cotton is kinder on the environment

Piccalilly’s organic cotton is grown using organic methods of production ensuring the local environment where the cotton is grown is free from chemicals. The use of harsh chemicals in cotton production and poor agricultural practice can be reversed by adopting organic practices. And in developing countries where cotton crops are grown alongside food crops it is much safer for the local community and environment.

  • Organic cotton is kinder to the people who grow it

The impact of using harmful chemicals within cotton production is huge. The farmer’s health is compromised and farmers often end up in a cycle of debt as they borrow more and more money to pay for them. The suicide rate amongst cotton farmers as a result has become a big issue. So by growing cotton organically, without the use of nasty (and expensive) chemicals the farmer and their local environment become’s free from toxic chemicals and the chemical companies! And for all their hard work Piccalilly’s organic cotton farmers can enjoy the bigger fruits of success further down the supply chain beause they own a 20% share in the factory!

  • Organic cotton is great value!


It’s often thought that organic is an expensive and luxury choice. On the contrary organic cotton clothes offer fabulous value given the fact that the cotton produced is stronger (with a softer feel) and more durable. Add to this the fact that it washes extremely well the quality is second to none! Yes the initial outlay is slightly more expensive however when buying Piccalilly’s baby and children’s wear we’ve designed the ranges to have maximum fit and because the clothes are produced using the strongest, healthiest and durable cotton the clothing will last and can be handed on – now thats GREAT value!

Bubble London, un salon à découvrir!


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Leur premier stand à Bubble, l’équipe de Piccalilly s’en rappelle comme si c’était hier. La marque, qui était en train de grandir petit à petit, exposait sur un petit stand les produits éthiques de ses collections Organic et Fairly Traded.

Les choses ont bien changé depuis. C’est après avoir fait grandir son équipe et lancé un nouveau site que Piccalilly réapparaît à Bubble London les 20 et 21 juin prochains, sur un stand plus grand, afin de présenter aux distributeurs d’Angleterre et d’Europe sa collection Automne/Hiver 2010.  On y retrouve bien sûr les meilleures ventes de la marque, des vêtements complètement intemporels et indémodables. Il y aura aussi quelques nouveautés que nous avons tous hâte de vous faire découvrir!

Le salon professionnel Bubble London, “The Kids Trade Show” est sur le point d’entamer sa 6ème édition. Il s’agit d’une rencontre internationale des  marques les plus originales du monde de l’enfant, dans le but de faire découvrir aux spécialistes de l’enfant, les produits incontournables d’aujourd’hui.

Alors si vous aussi, en tant que distributeur, vous voulez découvrir de belles choses, et que vous passez le week end à Londres, rendez-vous au salon Bubble! Et venez rencontrer l’équipe de Piccalilly sur le stand D5! Hannah, Jill et Aurélia seront ravies de faire votre connaissance.

N’oubliez pas de demander votre entrée gratuite sur

Impossible de passez à Londres ce week end? Alors pourquoi pas en janvier prochain? A bientôt peut-être!